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Black America Today discloses a comprehensive and nuanced look at how African Americans feel about many aspects of life in America, and cautions against a simplistic reading of Black America as a monolithic group.

The study's sponsor, Radio One, is the leading media company focused on understanding African Americans.  It is committed to demonstrating the power of the Black community - as thinkers, activists, consumers and citizens - and to reflecting the texture and diversity of our community, which often gets lost in mainstream portrayals of Black Americans. Because of its commitment to Black America, Radio One engaged Yankelovich, a nationally respected research firm, to conduct the largest segmentation study ever done of African Americans, a study that highlights what holds Black America together and what makes it diverse.

This top-line summary report includes insight into Black America's feelings about their future, past and present as well as details on their relationship with media, advertising and technology.

The study was done for 2 reasons:  to better understand the rich diversity among Black Americans and to help Radio One better serve this large, diverse, often misunderstood group.

This largest ever 'segmentation' research was conducted by the highly respected Yankelovich organization who have been doing national consumer research for over 50 years.

Although the research generated over 300,000 pieces of data which allowed us to look at Black America in very specific detail, this summary gives a '30,000 foot' view, focusing on the most significant top-line findings.

For even more details, please look at the segments and fact sheets.

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Did you know?

44% of Stretched Black Straddlers have been discriminated against in the past 3 months.

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